Sunday School

Our Superintendent of Christian Education is Laura Blum. She would be delighted to answer any questions you may have about all of our wonderful classes.

Sunday School Classes are offered for all ages. All groups meet every Sunday from September to May. Adult Sunday School is open to all!  Check the events page for details.

The preschool through fourth grade students use Bible lessons, crafts, snacks and other fun activities to experience God's word. Our fifth through eight grade class will begin an indepth look at the Bible starting with what it is and why it is so important to us. There will be games and challenges for our older kids that we hope will create a deeper sense of curiosity and create a stronger foundation in our faith. Our focus is to instill an understanding that we are all children of God who are loved always. We are blessed with many dedicated teachers.

First communion classes are offered as needed. These classes are open to any age child whose parents/guardians feel they are ready to come to God's table.

Confirmation classes are offered regularly for middle schoolers making their journey to become full members of the Church.