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If you wish to make an additional donation to our church, the following items are on our wish list:
Altar Paraments (singles/sets) - 75.00
Bulletins (one-week) - 20.00
Candle Oil (one-bottle) - 10.00
Church Music (sheet music) - 20.00
Church Music (CD recordings) - 30.00
Communion Supplies (one-month) 25.00
Envelopes for One-Year - 200.00
Eternal Sanctuary Lamp - 400.00
Facility Cleaning (contribute to expenses) 10.00/25.00/50.00
IT Support (contribute to expenses) 25.00/50.00/75.00
Landscaping (contribute to expenses) 25.00/50.00/75.00
Liturgical Banner (one-banner) - 50.00
Liturgical Banner (set of three) 125.00 +
Lutheran Rose Clock - 30.00
Mortgage Principal (contribute to expense) 75.00/150.00/225.00
Snow Removal (contribute to expenses) 25.00/50.00/75.00
Stations of the Cross (12 or 14 plaques)
Parking Lot Repairs (contribute to expenses) 25.00/50.00/75.00
Printing Paper (one-case) - 50.00
Reserved Pew Ropes (5 feet each) - 20.00
Utilities (contribute to expenses) 10.00/25.00/50.00
VBS Support (contribute to expenses) 10.00/25.00/50.00
For more information contact Barbara Northrop: 410-552-0104
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