Bible Study Resources

If you are new to Bible study, here are some resources you might find helpful. The reading plan is the one we used when we read through the Bible as a congregation in starting in September, 2014. The book introductions were written to support that program.

If you find another on-line resource that you think is worth sharing, please email us and it will be considered for inclusion on this page.

God bless you as you study the Word!

Reading Plan

Ways to Read the Bible

Additional Online Resources

On-Line Bibles

Bible Gateway - A large number of translations in English and other languages, including the NRSV. The complete list is here.

NET Bible - This is actually a "learning environment" with lots of free resources including notes, maps, articles, multiple translations, and more.

Audio Bibles

Bible Gateway Audio - Several English translations including NIV, NASB, and ESV; uses RealPlayer

Podcasts - NET Bible

Mobile Apps

YouVersion - hundreds of versions and languages for many devices; FREE!

Other Links

Enter the Bible - Resources for Bible study from Luther Seminary

Biblical World Overview - An overview of the geography of the lands of the Bible

Revised Common Lectionary - Readings for the three-year cycle; also includes a daily lectionary.

Reverse Lectionary - A list of lessons and when they are read organized by book. This is based on the Revised Common Lectionary as adapted by the Episcopal Church, so there may be some minor differences from the lectionary we use.

How long are the books of the Bible? Click here to see Jeffrey Krantz's word counts.