Holy Spirit Lutheran Church
Our purpose is to love God and  bring people into
a growing relationship with Jesus and His church.

Youth Group

Parents Time Out!
Things are always busy and this time of year there is even more on your to-do list! Let us help! We will entertain and feed you children while you shop, wrap, clean, go out, or take a nap! From the hours of 6pm - 10pm on Friday, December 12, the time is yours, and it's KID FREE.

We will be making gifts for the kids to give to members of their families, playing games, and doing other fun things. Pizza, snacks and drinks will be provided for $5 per child. There is no set charge for child care; the suggested donation is $5 per hour, but we will accept a free will offering.

There are three ways to register for Parents Night Out:
    • sign up on one of the sheets at the church or preschool
    • call the church office at 410-795-6333
    • fill out the form below

All proceeds will benefit the high school youth's trip to the ELCA's National Youth gathering in Detroit this summer. There the youth of the entire church will Rise Up Together in their faith and answer God's call to serve. For more information about the national youth gathering, click here.