Holy Spirit Lutheran Church
Our purpose is to love God and  bring people into
a growing relationship with Jesus and His church.

2018 Church Council

Brian Bowman -- President
Wende Peters -- Vice-President
Nancy Bowman -- Secretary

Andy Jones -- Treasurer
Milt Taylor -- Financial Secretary
Sharon Hindman -- Social Ministry
 -- Strategic Planning
Will Stecher -- Audit 
Will Stecher, Milt Taylor -- Property
Wende Peters -- Personnel
Nancy Bowman -- Worship & Music
(vacant) -- Evangelism
Laura Blum -- Christian Education, Youth
Holly deBenedictis -- Stewardship

(vacant) -- Fellowship

Andy Jones -- Finance, IT, Constitution and Bylaws

If you need to contact a council member, please use our Contact Us page and your message will be forwarded to the appropriate person. Thank you!